Thursday, March 10, 2011

Letters From Lauren

There is a lady named Lauren who is writing one letter a day in 2011 and blogging about it here. She even takes letter requests! If you know someone who could use a letter, you can email her- and give her the deets (recipient's name, address, and a little personal info.)

I love letters. I enjoy sending them and I adore receiving them. I am going to take a cue from Lauren, and write one letter a week. I think you should, too. Go get a pretty card, or some nice paper, pick up a pen, and write. Things come out differently with pen in hand.


JAIME RUGH said...

Hey Missy:) I love this. And love the image you chose.
Are you going to do it? Be curious what she writes!

Anonymous said...

Oh I would like Lauren to send you a letter. But I don't think she will have nce stuff to say

erin said...

Jaime! I want to submit someone else's name to her- but I have yet to decide who!

erin said...

Anonymous, what does NCE stand for? Nasty Cooties Erin?