Thursday, April 7, 2011

"Beyond the Wild Wood Comes the Wide World"

It seems that so many people are waiting- waiting for things to change, waiting for something to happen, waiting for some miracle. But, they've got it all wrong. Waiting is a cop out, waiting absolves you of responsibility and, conversely,  robs you of the joys of discovery. In the words of F. Scott Fitzgerald, Action is character. 

It is painful to see people you care about sit and wait, rather than do. They may even insist that they are doing. But, those who do, have no need for explanations, because they are moving, not waiting.

The Spring winds are here to stir things up. Why not let them carry you somewhere different, somewhere interesting, maybe even somewhere magical?

What are you waiting for? The world has already invited you.


JAIME RUGH said...

I LOVE this
needed it.
Thanks darling!

Anonymous said...

Amen. I like this