Friday, June 24, 2011


So, you may or may not have noticed that I have been a bit absent. I've been dealing with some fairly rough life stuff, as a parent....and it has occupied all available brain space during the past couple weeks.

I think that the hardest thing, for me, about being a parent, is coming to terms with the pain that my child might encounter....that sometimes things happen....things that I have been unable to prevent...and, as a parent, I am wading through unchartered waters.

No matter what advice or wisdom might come my way from others, I still have but a mere sketch of a map. And, day by day, sometimes hour by hour, I am learning to steer through it all.

The beautiful thing that has emerged from all of this is the immense gratitude I feel for my family and friends, who may not be able to navigate for me, but they are there, lanterns in the darkness, reminding me that there is light and that I am not alone.


The Rich Group said...

Wow lady love... it has been quite some time since we have connected as friends. Reading this my heart is filled with love for you and for your loved ones. Walking through life with dignity during these moments, without the false direction of having to be this or having to do this, but rather just not making it worse, knowing when to wait and to shut up! and by loving everyone around you ... including yourself ... that is all we can do. My dad teaches me that all parents can only do the best they can. I wish that for you now. Much love always, Joli

Lara said...

We love you, Erin. (I feel like I can speak for all your friends!)

Your words are painful to read but beautifully expressed.