Monday, May 7, 2012

First Position

Yesterday, I saw the amazing new award-winning documentary First Position. The film follows the stories of 6 young dancers on their path to competing in the YAGP finals.

The YAGP- Youth American Grand Pix is a highly lauded ballet competition that gives out the largest amount of scholarships to the most prominent ballet schools and exposes the brightest young dancers to major ballet companies from around the world.

The documentary beautifully outlines the work and commitment that these artist-athletes put in to their craft. I highly recommend it, whether or not you have any interest in ballet.

I saw the film with 4 young ballet dancers, including my son Atticus, who will be 9 in August and has been dancing since he was 5. The film was as inspiring to me as it was to them.

The film is currently in limited release in Los Angeles and New York City. It will expand to more cities on May 11th. You can find screenings here. While you're at it, check out this LA Times article featuring 2 of the boys from Atticus's ballet school.

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