Tuesday, August 28, 2012

These are the thoughts

These are the thoughts that rumble through the train tracks in my brain, late at night, when I can't sleep. These are the thoughts that include things like Mary Chapin Carpenter. Mary Chapin Carpenter. What did she sing again? Is she related to Harry Chapin? Maybe she married a Carpenter. Maybe she was Karen Carpenter's sister-in-law, or maybe Karen was already dead. Harry Chapin sang Cat's in the Cradle. I know that song makes people emotional but it always struck me as a little silly. And also, it reminds me of Don McLean. Bye-Bye Miss American Pie...Chevy to the Levee. 

I fight the urge to look up facts I care little about. I think some more about Karen Carpenter. What was her brother's name? SILENCE

Richard? Yes, Richard, Richard Carpenter. Didn't Karen date Tony Danza? I think I read that somewhere. Richard was a drug addict too, no? 

I think about Karen Carpenter and I think about watching Todd Hayne's Superstar: The Karen Carpenter Story, in what-was-her-name's living room. What was her name???? Howie was there, and Melinda, and Lizzie, I think. 

Not remembering what-was-her-name's name gives me something to chew on for a good ten minutes. Long curly red hair. Laurie? Lori? She was really nice. 

Exhaling for what seems like far too long makes me feel far too dramatic, especially in light of the fact that no can hear me, but me.

Karen Carpenter died in Downey. At her parents' home. That's an awful name for a city. I think that may be the most depressing part of the whole story....dying in Downey. Downey, whose bright idea was it to name a city Downey?

I fight the urge to look up facts on the history of Downey. Instead I read a random chapter from The White Album and then shut the light off again and start to think about Didion.

Didion, it's a good name.............


Anonymous said...

Downey is a dumb name. Totally agree.

philip said...

charming thoughts

Anonymous said...

karen carpenter dated tony danza???