Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Thought Pattern

Late at Night
I think and I think and I think
And I believe that these ideas are the best I have
Aggrandized by a moment 
Elongated by darkness and silence
And I write nothing down
And I wake up and my exacting memory fails
And the thoughts are less than exact
The thoughts are murky
And I mourn a flash of brilliance 
That existed for no one but me
And I curse my mercurial mind. 

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Nineteenth Amendment

Today, I exercised my right to vote, thanks to the 19th Amendment.  I hope that you are all exercising your right to vote, as well.

Today, in a very long Starbucks line, I listened to 2 strangers behind me talk about the fact that they are not voting today. They both relocated from Nevada and Ohio, respectively, which are swing states. They talked about how one vote doesn't make a difference, etc.

One could easily argue that the electoral college decides the presidential election...However, what about the rest of what's on the ballot? What about state propositions, county measures,  and Senate positions, all of which directly affect state laws, laws that affect you directly.

If you don't vote, you are not actively participating in our democracy, and that's a damn shame. You are lucky to live in a country where you have freedoms and rights. Protect them. Vote.