Monday, March 4, 2013


Sometimes I feel stuck, in between who I am, who I was, and I who I want to be. My throat is paralyzed.... I am letting go of those parts of myself  that no longer work. And each time I let go a little more, I'm left with a hollow space.

Eventually that hollow space fills up with better things, more appropriate things, for where I'm at in my life. Then, a song or a film or a photo  reminds me of what used to be there and it throbs.

It confirms what I have always thought...I am still growing up, there are parts of me that still feel 13, and I believe this process of letting go and filling up and remembering and goes on forever.

And it's a little painful but also really beautiful because it's the stuff of life....and it goes on forever.

(Yes, I know.)

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