Tuesday, May 7, 2013

I am not your food diary.....

There's something that's been occurring, with increasing frequency, amongst far too many people in my life, and I am guilty of it, I'll admit it. Sociologists out there, when did this happen? When did we all turn into each other's food diaries?

 I don't care how many calories you ate or what your cholesterol is, or how great you feel on your most recent diet. I am uninterested in how long you spent on the treadmill, or how many pounds you've lost or want to lose, or what your BMI is. And I have no business sharing that information with you, either.

Because IT'S BORING!

Yes, I want you to be healthy and I want to be healthy, too. But, if I hear one more person in my life extol the virtues of no carbs/no meat/no fun, I am going to race to my nearest steakhouse, cigarette and martini in hand, and eat a fat baked potato with it.

What have we become? Don't we have more interesting and important things to talk about? I don't know- maybe that book you read (you should read more), or your favorite new Burger Records band, or that trip you're going to take or took, or a project you're working on, or what the fuck is gonna happen with Syria or North Korea, or anything other than the state of your diet.

If you happen to eat somewhere fantastic, tell me about it. If you are on the newest seed and berry detox, don't tell me.

In return, I promise not to complain about the 5, ok 15, pounds I want to lose. I won't report every time I have lost one of those 5, ok 15, pounds (or gained them back). If I do a juice fast, you won't hear from me. And, I promise to respect every sugar-free/gluten-free/dairy-free/non GMO food you ingest....as long as I don't have to hear about it. Deal?

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weston deboer said...

its called getting old, because we all are going through the same things right now. I love hearing about good healthy food options, I love my kale smoothie I make once a week, I wouldn't have know about that unless my friend told me. But you are right.

I do hate hearing about diets, don't go on a diet to loose weight, just cut 100 calories from your daily intake a day. But I guess that is me talking about a diet.