Monday, October 21, 2013

Grave Digging

Last night/this morning I had a long weird dream with multiple gravediggers in it.

It finally feels like Fall in New York City. So, yeah, it's almost Halloween. I love this time of year and I like the atmosphere and everything, but I'm not one for dressing up. 

As an adult, I can think of maybe 3 times I have donned a Halloween costume, 1 of which was "Manthrax" in 2001, which didn't go over too well- was too soon, too soon. 

You may remember my Hester Prynne costume of 2010, AKA the last time I wore a costume. 

Some people didn't get it, because nobody reads and everyone is stupid. Some people thought I was a nun. And some people thought I was an atheist pilgrim (Huh?). The best/lamest commentary I got on that one- "You should have made it 'sexy' Hester Prynne." 

Every year, dressing up sounds like a good idea- or maybe not. But, I never seem to get it together. I'm not that crafty. Maybe if I was, I would be more committed to creative costuming. But, I digress.

Beyond the annual should I bite the bullet and dress up but why so I won't mental masturbation, I also find that my dreams become Halloween themed, or at the very least eery/creepy/disconcerting, often containing serial killers/vampires/the dwarf goblin from "Don't Look Now".

No joke, every year around Halloween, the spooky-level of my dreams starts to ramp up. 

So, gravediggers. yeah, gravediggers. I have dreamt about gravediggers before. 

Is it the weather? Is it because it's Halloween? Do gravediggers have some significance? Do you think it was the mini Halloween packs of Peanut M&Ms I ate at 2 AM? Is the universe telling me to go as "sexy gravedigger" this year? Is there a Mark Lanegan connection?

According to (because clearly I do thorough research), "In a dream, a grave digger represents a person toiling in difficulties. One cannot be at peace with him until he dies. If one sees a grave digger asking about him in a dream, it means calamities for the person in question, and peace for those who will help bury him." 

Well, that doesn't sound good. So, I won't be at peace until this person dies? A little dramatic, don't you think? I'm going to chock it up to the mini Halloween Peanut M&Ms. 

PS. Always and forever my favorite Halloween song...

PPS. Are you dressing up this year?

PPPS. Do you think I should? Have a good idea for me? 

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