Friday, November 15, 2013

Basic Conversation

It's no secret that I think you should read more. Joseph Brodsky thought so, too. While teaching poetry, he gave his class a list of books that he said "every person should have read in order to have a basic conversation." (you can read more about it here)

While I have not read every book on his list(I have never read Don Quixote!! I think I should.), I appreciate the sentiment. Reading changes you, shapes you, makes you think.

Having a conversation with someone, who actually knows who Joseph Brodsky is, is a lot more satisfying than a conversation with the guy/gal/ladyboy who says, "Yeah, I don't do books." (A guy said that to me, a guy that was hoping to have sex with me. I guess he thought the all out rejection of what I'm passionate about would woo me. Fail.)

And I have friends, you know who you are, that really don't read and somehow we still manage to be friends, because other aspects of your personality shine bright. But yes, I am secretly judging you.

Reading is sexy. As a writer, how can I possibly find you sexy/interesting/reliable if you don't read? 

I know, you don't have time/the attention span. Bullshit. I have no time and I am always reading at least 3 books. (I like to switch it up.)

So, I will say it again, you should read more. And then we can talk about it and have a basic conversation. Deal? 

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