Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Personality: The Wrestler?

Much like Estelle Parsons, I was born today. For fun, I like to look up astrology/numerology "facts" about myself, every year, on my birthday. (I know you're dying to have this information.) 

My favorites:

Struggle is a major theme for people born on November 20. This can express itself in a struggle for recognition in the outside world or an inner conflict where the impulsive and impatient aspects of their personality wrestle for dominance with the more self-controlled and disciplined urges.

People born on this day have a rash and impulsive side and this can make them accident and injury prone.

Once they understand that emotions have important messages to deliver, their destiny is to blaze a pioneering trail through life for others to follow.


November 20 people make the best friends and the worst enemies. 

Accurate summary? Or more like this? Alright, gotta run. I'm gonna be busy trail blazing. 

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