Monday, December 16, 2013

By a fire, with a book.

That, my friend, is how I like to spend any and all holidays. John Waters was recently interviewed in the NY Times and had this to say about holiday gifting- 

"I always give books. And I always ask for books. I think you should reward people sexually for getting you books. Don’t send a thank-you note, repay them with sexual activity. If the book is rare or by your favorite author or one you didn’t know about, reward them with the most perverted sex act you can think of. Otherwise, you can just make out."

My kind of gift giver. 

Here are some suggestions of what to give your lover, friend, parent, sibling, boss, lab partner, workout buddy, aunt, uncle, chimney sweep....You get the idea. 
(For those who don't read, there are even books with pretty pictures. But, you know you should read more, right?)

A list, in no particular order. 

I could go on and on. But, this is a good start. 

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philip said...

I would gladly buy you all of these books.