Thursday, December 5, 2013

Paper Fantasies

Su Blackwell's  book sculptures are pretty amazing.

I love books. Did you know that? Although these books have to be deconstructed, the result is mesmerizing.

There is nothing sexier than a good book. There I said it. I could totally be wooed by someone's book collection. Even better if they've actually read them and we can talk about it.

I suffer from book lust, which is a sort of depressing fetish in a digital world. Don't get me wrong. I'm all for the digital, too. But, nothing can replace the look/weight/feel/smell of a book.

And trust me, you've never looked sexier/hotter/more erotic than you do when you're laying around reading a book.  (Granted, reading Nabokov is a lot sexier than Chicken Soup for the Soul.....but you catch my drift. Or not, in which case, we won't be making out later.)

1 comment:

philip said...

I would love to show you my book collection! ;-)