Thursday, December 19, 2013

You know you can't resist.

Ah, the holidays. My least favorite thing about this time of year- all of the end of the year/best of/here's who died/these were the big stories lists. (Although I've been known to participate in said activity. Shhh. I'm a hypocrite. What can I say?) 

As much as I like to look (way) back, I don't feel like looking back on things that just happened. I'd rather look forward. 

And in the interest of looking way back while looking forward, let's listen to some Thee Headcoatees and make plans to conquer 2014. 

(Today's blog post is sponsored by my twitter stalker who thinks I might be a prostitute.) 

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Anonymous said...

more of a slut because someone would have to pay you for you to be a prostitute