Wednesday, February 26, 2014

5 Reasons You Need to Drop Everything and Watch "Only in HelLa"

Rory Uphold has created my new favorite web series, Only in HelLa. And you need to watch it, now

Here's why-

1. Rory Uphold is rad. She's funny and real and the kind of woman you'd want to watch bad television and eat pickles with. 

2. Only In HelLA chronicles the ridiculousness of Los Angeles with an adept blend of love/hate.

3. The clipboard guys, parking in LA, Gluten-free homeless, "I would totally right-swipe you." I could go on...

4. These perfect short (30 sec. to 2 min.) vignettes will make you laugh, especially if you're from LA, but even if you're not. 

5. You can say you knew about Rory before she became a huge star. 

You can thank me, later. 

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