Tuesday, February 25, 2014

A Visual Mash-Up the Top 10 Dumb BuzzFeed Quizzes I've Taken

As you may already know, I take a lot of dumb BuzzFeed quizzes. According to the results, here is a collage of my personality. (quizzes linked below each photo if you are also interested in procrastination)...

What does this say about my personality? A few things that were revealed- My "cold exterior is misunderstood," I'm "effortlessly cool," I made the right choice living in NYC, I'm "an enigma wrapped in a (murder) mystery," "it's not easy being so pretty, accomplished and popular," my life can "get a bit crazy, which often distracts people from my remarkable intelligence," and I am "probably very sexy and great at dancing." 

Also, I really really excel at procrastination. 

Accurate? You tell me...And please feel free to share your hilarious results.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

So basically you're a snobby cold crazy cheesy nympho?