Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Forever Fifteen

One of the most exhilarating exasperating things about me is the fifteen year old girl that sometimes often wrangles my emotions and wields them incorrectly (and occasionally usually in the wrong direction). Although I believe I've improved in the maturity department, I still surprise myself when things fly out of my mouth that should never cross the lips of anyone old enough to be tried as an adult. 

I used to lie to myself and think this was a charming aspect of my personality, something to keep me "forever young." But, really it makes me a little annoying. And, let's be honest, acting like a teenager sort of loses its charm when you've crossed that threshold into your 30s.

My generation, and perhaps the one after, have been lingering in prolonged adolescence far too long. Like the drunk guy in the bar at 3:51 AM (at least in New York...if you're in LA then make that 1:38 AM) still hanging on to the hope of getting lucky, we've somehow convinced ourselves that it's cool to be 10th graders with salaries. 

And, as I said, I am totally 100% guilty. What made me think about it this morning was watching the trailer for writer/director Matt Wolf's documentary Teenage.

Wolf talking about the film....

And an excerpt...

P.S. As an added bonus- an embarrassing photo of me at fifteen, because all pictures of yourself as a teenager are embarrassing. But, I like to laugh at myself, so it's a win win. 

(I'm the one on the right, not standing up straight, because I always felt too tall. )

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