Tuesday, March 11, 2014


Have you seen this yet? Filmmaker Tatia Pilieva brought 20 strangers together and filmed their first kisses. The result is pretty pretty endearing. 


This is sort of perfect for this glorious 60 degree sunny day in NYC. Spring is finally emerging (I am in denial of Thursday's forecast.) and it's sort of the perfect day to go kiss someone. Do it.

(Fun Fact: When I was 19? 20? I had to kiss a stranger in a music video, but I won't tell you which one, because I want to spare myself, and my boyfriend, the embarrassment.)

What are you doing? Get off the computer and go kiss someone! 


philip said...

I am going to find that video!

Anonymous said...

Seen this video a few times in the past few days. It does make you want to kiss a stranger. Wanna kiss? I'll let you film it.