Wednesday, April 23, 2014

What Spring Brings

The crazies? 


It is finally feeling, consistently, like Spring here in NYC. And all this Spring seems to have brought something wild out in people. In the past 72 hours, I have...

  • Witnessed a woman on the bus scream at her boyfriend on the phone (loudly and with abandon, oblivious to the uncomfortable bus riders around her) and then throw said phone down the aisle of the bus, cry, retrieve her phone, and push people out of the way to get off at the next stop.
  • Seen a woman on the subway platform crying quietly while eating a pretzel. 
  • Ran into my fave neighborhood crazy who told me last October that it's all my fault and I've ruined everything.  
  • Seen a man crouch down on 10th Avenue in racing position and dart across the street into traffic, laughing wildly. 
  • Broken up a potential incident of domestic violence while walking the dog last night, which is a long winded story that ended with me walking the dude down the street to cool off- which, by the way worked, because he had calmed down by the time we went around the block, and was able to sit and talk things out with his lady friend. He didn't seem like the type that would normally become violent but he got scary for a minute there. (She cheated on him.) (I feel comfortable disclosing this because it is highly unlikely that either of them reads this blog.) (Sometimes, I have to just step in and help, which may or may not be stupid.)
  • Felt a little crazy myself. 
What gives? Maybe April really is the cruelest month. I need something to soothe me. How about the new Courtney Barnett video? 

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