Thursday, May 22, 2014

I Only Have Tears For You

Sorry, folks, no Ask Erin! (or Ask Erin and Lisa!) this week. I can summarize the advice I probably would have given- "Run. Get some therapy. They're never going to commit." 

Instead, I bring you tears....

Tears of Change

Onion Tears

Tears of Grief

Tears of Ending and Beginning

Photographer Rose-Lynn Fisher used her lens to photograph and study 100 tears in her project, Topography of Tears. Now, I am (or my inner narcissist is) obsessed with wondering what my tears look like. 

I think this may be the soundtrack to my tears, at least today. 

P.S. I am totally not sad, but you know there's a lot of sad stuff around, and sometimes it makes me cry. 

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