Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Reset Yourself (Or my recent mantra, whatever.)

Sometimes you (and by you, I mean, I) just need a reset. 

Maybe you reset yourself with running alone or eating copious amounts of Chinese food or doing a juice cleanse or getting smashed or doing yoga or hiking upstate or getting lost in the desert or having casual sex or having meaningful sex or cleaning your house or letting your house get dirty or reading a book or watching any and all episodes of every Real Housewives franchise....

Or maybe you listen to a lot of music and take a break. Maybe you take a break with songs you've heard 1000 times before or maybe you find some new tunes to zone out with....

I don't know anything about this band and I cannot remember where I found this/heard of them, but I'm feeling their "Premonitions."

And another one I know nothing about (Club Kuru). 

Lastly, I am sort of obsessed with this young Brit. I just want to lay on some beach and listen to this over and over. So, yeah....

Ooh, she's so over me, she's so cold.... (You know that's going to be stuck in your head all day.)

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