Thursday, June 12, 2014

"Well, it ain't no use to sit and wonder why, babe..."

Lately, I've been reminded of the art of saying goodbye. 

There are all sorts of goodbyes we face, all the time... goodbye to the one who has passed away, goodbye to a chapter in our life, goodbye to a place, goodbye to an old lover, goodbye to a toxic friend, goodbye to a job, goodbye to a school year, goodbye to parts of ourselves that no longer serve us. 

When you stop and think about all the goodbyes you've said all your life, the mind reels. It should get easier. Sometimes, it feels it has. And then, other times, we cling on until the last moment, clutching and reaching for someone or something that has already left. 

While we're on the topic of goodbyes....

Sometimes saying goodbye makes you feel like you've finally grown up and sometimes it makes you feel 4 years old, clinging to a blankie, reluctantly waving bye-bye. 

Oh, well.....

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