Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Although I hate the sound of my own voice...

A couple of years ago, I did this, this being I read one of my stories on stage in front of people. 

They recorded it, and I did sign that pesky release. And now, you can hear me expose the least flattering parts of myself on your computer, or in the car on your way to work, or on the subway en route to your next Tinder hookup, or while training for that marathon, or while procrastinating over your 4th cup of coffee.  

So, if you would like to spend a few minutes inside my head or my past or just know more about me than you wanted to, you can listen to it here

Will you still love me tomorrow? 

P.S. The other stories from that show are really good and you should  listen to them, too. 

1 comment:

Unknown said...

You expose more than your voice here, you expose your beautiful soul. Thank you for sharing.

I am so proud of you - for all that you have overcome and for the beautiful woman and mother you have become.

I love you. ~Joy