Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Do you want to see the kingdom?

Well, well, well, the season has once again changed. And, you guys....just like last Fall (and let's face it, other times too) my freak magnet is on in full force. 

Yesterday, the first day of Fall (for all intents and purposes) brought the following:

  • The street pisser. Yes, once again, just like the glory days of old NYC, I had to deftly avoid a street pisser, aka the dude walking down the street, drunk at 7 am, burping and peeing as he walked. 
  • The crier. The lady (or fella, the jury is still out) who bawls loudly on the bus or the subway or the sidewalk. Yesterday it was the subway platform. I will tell you this, the NRQ lines (I know they're officially called the NQR, but whatever, I call them the NRQ.) is rife with criers. 
  • The past life crazy (PLC). You know, that guy, who comes face to face with you at the Union Square Greenmarket, and at the top of his lungs says, "OHHHHHHHH," staring at you like he just saw either his long lost sibling or the woman he killed 2 lifetimes ago. Either way, it's super creepy, when said PLC then turns around and stops in the middle of the crowd to watch you purchase "farm fresh" produce, hovering near by from booth to booth for the next 10 minutes. 

So, yeah. Autumn has arrived. And for those who mourn the old New York, it's still there, trust me. 

Also, confession, I broke down and got the new iPhone 6 yesterday, like a good Apple junkie (just like last year!). (Special shout out to the AT&T store on Park and 52nd, seriously the best service of any AT&T store, ever, in the history of my ever.) As I walked away from the store, headphones in, basking in the glory of my shameful consumerism, I hit shuffle and this came on.....

(Also, from last week, in case you missed this or this.)

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