Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Dear Dudes, I'm Just Here to Help...

Have you heard of Man Crates? Man Crates creates (and delivers) unique gift boxes for guys,  catering to specific interests. They even provide a laser engraved crowbar with each crate, to open it. 

In preparation for Valentine's Day, Man Crates has asked me to provide a little help for romantically challenged dudes, by putting together a "date crate." 

It's February, it's a mess of "wintry mix" outside (at least in my zip code), and it seems like a good time to get cozy. 

Invite her(or him)over, clean your house/apartment/RV/dorm room. This includes the bathroom. A dirty toilet is a total mood crusher. Also, learn how to cook something or order a really good pizza. (And if there is any remote possibility of sex, please, I implore you, use a condom. Now, on to my "date crate." 

1. Set the mood, with something woodsy.

2. Ingredients (gin, sweet vermouth, and Campari) for a super easy, not too sweet, cocktail, the Negroni. (Dude must supply his own orange.)

3. The goods to make and serve said cocktail...

 4. A book, of Russian poetry. Bring this up, in discussion. It works. Just ask my husband. 

5. Something to watch. Something that you can binge on together, late in to the night, maybe into the morning, and maybe the next night too. 

So, what have you learned here? Clean your house, make it smell good, read more, make a good cocktail, feed her something, watch something eery/sexy, and use a condom! 


P.S. Mazzy Star always makes for good make-out music, in case you were wondering. 

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