Tuesday, February 24, 2015

I Got Involved: An Update to "Don't Get Involved"

You may recall this post . As many have inquired, I thought I'd fill you in. I got involved. 

The details of what's transpired are numerous. And I feel it's better to just tell you, I did what I could and I'm not sure that did any good. 

I spoke with this person, asked him if he was okay, expressed my concern, offered my empathy based on my experiences, and let him know I could point him in the direction of help, if he was open to that. 

Then, I got involved during a very sad and scary episode in our hallway.

After that, through my junior detective internet skills, I contacted this person's family, who have been struggling to help him for years. I used my resources to connect them with people who could intervene professionally. 

After a series of events that involved the police, the psych ward, and the inevitable eviction, this person has moved out. But, he is still not okay. I am in contact with a member of his family. I hope that one day, I get a text to let me know that he has gone into treatment, that he is not in this spiral, that he is alive and healthy. 

I wish there was a happier ending, but I guess it's better to have tried than to have walked by day after day, not getting involved. 

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